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Post by Ac1ds0ld13r on Fri Jan 30, 2009 12:57 am

This forum is dedicated for free form RP, and general creative writing. If its not game related, please state in the Subject line of the post. We may do contests related to this thread for Storybucks. Generally keep the writing in line with the TOU for, and everything should be gravy.
I made this specifically for those of you wanting to develop your characters back stories a little more, so predominately posts should be related to those. If you want to write out some nifty little short stories related to things they've done that have shaped them as Kindred or individuals in general, but its also not specifically limited to that. I know I'll personally be using this to write out some things for different NPCs and a few PCs I have here. Enjoy. Very Happy

EDIT: Please create a new topic for each new subject. However please reply to posts about the same individual or continuations of existing writings. I.E: A short story about a midget and his adventures with Norman the Angry Mormon, should be one post, and your characters backstory should be another, but subsequent chapters about Bob should be contained in the original post about Bob, same with your character's additional back story.

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