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Post by Ac1ds0ld13r on Fri Jan 23, 2009 12:04 am

Please keep all OOC chatter to this forum, but not this thread. We love an active OOC, and please make use of the Chat system on the homepage. That is a great avenue for free-form RPing amongst yourselves, and general nonsense. Keep in mind, the Chat system is Moderated like everything else around here.

Remember our usual Rules contained in the House Rules Thread under the Mandatory Reading Forum. Also be mindful of the Rules for Forumotion. We do not want to lose this game by violating the Terms of Use we all were supposed to read, understand, and accept to be here. Violators will be warned, and have their posts deleted. Repeat offenders will be unkindly shown the door.

Also, new Forums can be added upon request. Smile



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