Still Life- Donna

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Still Life- Donna

Post by Claymore on Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:18 pm

The gallery wasn't very big. But to those familiar with that kind of work, it had some decent pieces to showcase. There was usually one featured artist who would have an exhibit set up for a couple weeks, and then move on to be replaced by another. Much of what was there was done by unknown local artists.

Upon entering, you'd find the main hall set up with several wooden folding chairs, positioned in rows facing a podium. Next to the podium was an small table, big enough for a single sculpture, and an empty stand for a painting. People were still meandering in when you got there, but the place was more or less full.

Already sitting in one of the chairs was the only Kindred in the room, a young Native-looking girl with long black hair, a denim jacket, and a wide lace necklace that reminded you of a dream-catcher. And she didn't seem to notice you.

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