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St. Patrick (pop-21,883,390) is a small, green, hilly moon with a natural breeze and a warm, but dry climate with precipitation in mind. However, there were many wells and springs, making the land extremely fertile for crop growing in most places and thick swampy valleys in others. Like all planets in the Verse, St. Patrick has it's own oddity - lightning storms. Coming in suddenly, the high pressure and moderately warm weather create a strange mixture of clouds and gases prone to sending off smaller storms of electrical energy that are for the most part, harmless. These storms do occasionally become enough of a problem overload electrical equipment.

St. Patrick is one of the newer colonies, and in spite of it's proximity to Independent territory was always held by the Alliance. During the entire Unification War, St. Patrick never seen combat but dealt with it's share all the same as an emergency hospital. When the war ended, many soldiers retired here helping to establish a loyalist police state.

About 20% of St. Patrick's citizens are rural or live in small towns of 1-300 people that dot the otherwise scenic hilly landscape. The rest of the people on the planet live in one of the three metro-plexes - gigantic castles of stone and modern architecture that are representative of the entire planet. The largest of these metro-plexes, Saint's Traveler, accepts ships from off-world. It also caters to foreigners and travelers of all variety.

The citizens of St. Patrick come in mostly two varieties. They are either hard working rural farmers and hunters or urban professionals. When off planet, people from St. Patrick can often be easily recognized
for their gruff, off key, accents.


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