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Post by Jedi_Master_007 on Wed May 06, 2009 4:40 pm

I almost forgot to post this stuff. Dur.

Character level is 8.
Generate stats by rolling 4d6, dropping the lowest, and rerolling 1s.
Only races, spells, Classes, and FEATs from this lists in this game.
Characters will have 75,000gp for starting dough.
No more then half your starting dough on 1 item.
You'll get max health.
Uhhh... spellcasters trying to create magical items will be given a bonus of 150 exp to create with.
All of the races in this game are buffed to be roughly ECL 3, so you won't have to worry about ECLs.
You get your FEAT all level 1 characters get, plus a Racial FEAT, plus a General Adventurer FEAT.


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