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Post by Ac1ds0ld13r on Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:45 am

John stood over a large map of New York City and thought. Colored strings zigzagged across the map, held in place by map pins. Every few inches there were other pins, all color coded with small flags containing numbers or letters. For John, they represented his kingdom, and the fiefdoms he had allowed to be carved out by the clans residing in his city. It had taken the better part of a century, but John had finally held New York City, the jewel of the new world, in his grasp. Rowan was gone, removed by a pawn, his competition was gone, removed by pawns just as unwitting as he had hoped... Rowan, Ezekiel, Dragon, Christian... all of them were gone. Some John had regretted having to displace, others, not so much...

Now he stood at the map and he was studying the lay of the land looking for an opening. Somewhere in here, his rivals had left an opening. He knew it was here. He just couldn't see it yet. "Lars, what do you think if I were to use Blanding International to open a new shopping center here."

The Prince's childe and Primogen moved to the map. "Your Majesty, that would be Little Italy, Giovanni territory." Lars replied unsure of where his sire was going with this musing aloud and dragging him into it.

"Precisely." John smirked. "That block also happens to be the home to that infernal pool hall Deangelo uses to run his scum ring out of in my city. Did you know Miguel manages to bring in just over a million dollars a year through that petty crime family of his? I think its time for a little urban renewal project Lars."

Lars caught on fast, "Force them to either move, which puts them in debt to you to negotiate the new grounds, close down, and lose influence, or cut down on what they're doing there, and take a hit financially." He smiled.

"Almost." John glanced up from the map to Lars. "Miguel won't deal with me. He'll go to Haven, the two have become "buddies," The word oozed off of John's lips. "And they'll scratch each other's backs. I on the other hand, am owed a consideration by Esperenza-"

"And you'll ask that she makes sure Haven grants no favor to Miguel or Deangelo." Lars finished for his sire.

John nodded. "Exactly." The Prince was silent and pressed a forefinger to his lips, a tell tale sign that he was deep in thought. Lars stood where he was, still as a board. His sire was notoriously angry when his reveries were broken. "Lars this is what I want you to do." The Prince smiled. "Your friend, Pietra, give her a little encouragement to develop the area to the east of Little Italy and those eight blocks there for domain. She's capable and ambitious. She'll turn something out of it. Miguel is going to see this coming so give him a concession as well so it appears like a favor to Pietra instead of a plot against him. Since we just brokered a deal with her, offer him a large cut of Staten Island, he's been after this block and the one here for the last 30 years. I'll give them to him in exchange for not impedeing Pietra." John paused in his monologue and thought for another moment. He didn't have to look up to see if Lars was getting all of this, he knew his Childe was. A few months of reprogramming had turned Lars into a proper Ventrue. "Then I'll speak with Amy and open the Carnegie Library's archives for her. That will give me a boon with her that I can call in- No. You go to Amy and have that done through me. She'll owe you a favor. Which, when I'm ready, you'll call in to have her start restricting access in and out of her domain here." John pointed at a spot on the map.

Up until now Lars had been able to keep up with his Sire, but now, he was lost. The last part seemed to make no sense at all. "Your Majesty?"

"My Childe. When one flushes out a viper you do not use an arrow. You use fire. Annoying Miguel is only a minor benefit of this plan. Lazarus is in my city somewhere, and until I find out where... I cannot do anything to stop him. So, I'll light a few fires and see what comes slithering out of the wreckage. You are to begin anon."

Lars bowed and replied, "I'll start now Your Majesty." Then took two steps backwards before turning and leaving the room.

Several miles away Don Miguel Giovanni sat in a chair, in his haven, with his clanmates attending him. A ghost came to him and whispered all that had transpired between John and Lars. Miguel listened with interest as the ghost spoke in its strange tongues. After a moment Miguel releasesd the spirit to the underworld and shook his head. "No, Deangelo, I want you to stay out of the Bronx and Brooklyn. Remember how I told you I had been trying to get those two cemeteries in Staten Island? We'll have them before the night is over. I believe there are two resteraunts on those blocks you can use? Make sure the family sets up shop there. Push those others out."
Deangelo nodded, not really sure why a bunch of grass with a bunch of dead bodies would be so important to Miguel, but under no circumstances would he argue. Miguel scared the shit out of him, and that was putting it lightly. Deangelo did what he was told. It was safer that way. So, he would have the Family send a few squads over to Staten Island and set up shop. The gang war would be long and bloody. He'd have to figure out which of his troops he wanted to let go. Likely the first bunch wouldn't survive the month. Deangelo shrugged, "Anything you say boss."

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