Maria Glass. I've left Morgan!

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Maria Glass. I've left Morgan! Empty Maria Glass. I've left Morgan!

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 04, 2009 7:20 pm

The night had started with such promise, really. Maria and Morgan, after the old pack had kind of gone the seperate ways after the conquest and completion of their mission, had gone off scouting in Detroit, generally enjoying the depravities we all know lasombra and tzmisce can be capable off.

But then he'd decided that pissing off the local constabulary (namely the Bishop) was a good idea, and she'd had to cut rank and run. Where would she run? LA, of course. LA was a good place to hide out, even if you were known sabbat.

It was the best place to lay low, and fit in, when you were anything but white. And, it was easy to pretend anarchy when you believed in the cause of the sword -anyways-. Plus, Anarchs were generally dumb. So she had made her way across the wastes. Morgan would understand, he always understood... Plus, chances were he knew she would have done this, and if he freed himself (which she assumed he would at some point) it was quite likely he'd rather that she hadn't been involved and made him look bad anyways.

Being on her own was strange, she'd been with a pack or morgan long enough that the wide expanse of road between cities and towns made her miss them even more. Missing. Such a human emotion. It was time to reestablish a base of power. Maybe hook up with Mario or Eve again if she was lucky. Or, just spread the seeds of dischord. She could do that easily enough as well.

Her base in LA ended up being an old worn out mechanic's shop, and she ghouled someone who actually knew cars so that it might run as an actual business. Chop Shop, you know, steal a car, get it painted here sort of deal. it'd go over big with the anarchs.

The scene of the vampiric nights was observed, as she slowly got to know the come and go, meet and greet, and "safe" places in the mostly Anarch city she grew framiliar with the streets and alleys. This would be a good town for her. Oh yes. Yes it would indeed.

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