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Post by Claymore on Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:13 am

With my recent discovery on how to add, and even seemingly remove features, detailed in the Glitch thread, I think I pretty much have absolute power over this site. Yay. cheers

Limitations on this site or not, rpol ain't got nothin on me!

So what features would you guys like to see? Anything that sounds good will be run by Ac1d and Jedi, and they'll be the one to dictate what gets done first. Anything they doesn't like, I can still add it for specific users. So you can have whatever you want without it having any impact on anyone else. Only difference is the order in which I get things done. The only thing I can't do here is animation. Though if any of you are familiar with jquery, even that's possible in the foreseeable future.

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