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Cainities of Londinium Empty Cainities of Londinium

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Oengus: Oengus is ancient and claims to have lived around the area that is Londinium long before there was a Ceasar in Rome. He rules Londinium as its often disputed Prince and maintains very unfriendly relationships with the Gangrel in the North and in Scandinavia. Oengus rarely leaves Londinium and spends months at a time in Torpor. He rules the city's Cainites through sheer strength of will, keeping a small clutch of advisors and allies close by.

Rowan: The middle and favorite childe of Oengus sits at her Sire's side as she has done since the night she was brought to him as a sacrifice for the god of the tree. She plays her Sire off of her enemies and rivals, often "hiding" behind him and the power he carries. However Rowan is proving to be smarter than her foes are giving her credit for being.

Fausta the Blind: Fausta is a Salubri that advises Oengus in his dealings with strangers and cultures off the Islands the elder calls home. She is well travelled and versed, speaking several different languages and familiar with the Christianity that is taking hold in Oengus' lands.

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