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Post by mortannis on Sun Jul 05, 2009 3:47 am

Player: Mortannis Concept: Club Owner/Mafioso Covenant: Invictus
Character: Crole Hyde Virtue (+2WP): Justice Clan: Ventrue
Chronicle: Fallen Sky Vice (+1WP): Greed Bloodline (BP≥2): Rook
Mental Physical Social
Attributes 5/4/3 (+1 Clan Favored Attribute)
Power: Intelligence @@OOO Strength @@OOO Presence @@@OO
Finesse: Wits @@@OO Dexterity @@@OO Manipulation @@@OO
Resistance: Resolve @OOOO Stamina @@@OO Composure @@OOO
Skills 11/7/4 (3 Specialties)
(-3 Unskilled) (-1 Unskilled) (-1 Unskilled)
Academics_________ OOOOO Athletics_________ OOOOO Animal Ken________ OOOOO
Computer__________ OOOOO Brawl_____________ OOOOO Empathy___________ OOOOO
Crafts____________ OOOOO Drive_____________ @@OOO Expression________ OOOOO
Investigation_____ @OOOO Firearms__________ @@@OO Intimidation______ @@@OO
Medicine__________ OOOOO Larceny___________ OOOOO Persuasion________ @@@OO
Occult____________ OOOOO Stealth___________ OOOOO Socialization_____ @@OOO
Politics__________ @@@OO Survival__________ OOOOO Streetwise________ OOOOO
Science___________ OOOOO Weaponry__________ @@OOO Subterfuge________ @@@OO
Merits 7 Other Traits Disciplines 3
Resources (1)_____ @@@OO Humanity (Base 7): 7 Dominate__________ @@OOO
Haven (Size)______ @@@OO Potency (Base 1): 2 Resilience________ @@@OO
Haven (Security)__ @@@OO Size (Base 5): 5 Animalism_________ OOOOO
Haven (Location)__ @OOOO Defense (≤Wits&≤Dex): 3 __________________ OOOOO
Mentor (Mafia Don) @@OOO Initiative (Wits+Dex): 6 Metamorphosis_____ @@OOO
Retainer (Protégé) @@@OO Speed (Stam+Dex+Size): 11 __________________ OOOOO
Allies (Mafia)____ @@OOO Willpower (Res+Comp): 3 Sorcery/Ritual/Devotions
Contacts (Police)_ @@OOO Current: @@@OOOOOOOOO __________________ OOOOO
Herd (Employees)__ @OOOO Vitae (9+Potency): 11 __________________ OOOOO
Language (Italian) @OOOO Current: @@@@@@@@@@@OO __________________ OOOOO
Status (Crime)____ @@@OO Health (Stam+Size): 8 __________________ OOOOO
Allies (Media)____ @OOOO Damage: OOOOOOOOOOOO __________________ OOOOO
Flaws/Derangements Wound Penalties=… __________________ OOOOO
________________________ (Health-Dmg-3) if≤0: __________________ OOOOO
Equipment 2
Vehicle Durability Size Structure Acc Safe/Top-Speed Handling Occupants Cost
________ OOOOO
________ OOOOO
Weapon Strength Clip Range Damage Size Cost XP Costs (Base )
________ OOOOO Discipline = dot X 5
________ OOOOO Out of Clan = dot X 7
________ OOOOO Skill = dot X 3
________ OOOOO Specialty = 3 each
Armor Strength Base Firearms Speed Initiative Cost Merit = dot X 2
________ OOOOO Ritual = dot X 2
________ OOOOO Sorcery = dot X 2
Item Durability Structure Size Cost Willpower = 8 each
________ OOOOO Attribute = dot X 5
________ OOOOO Blood Potency = dot X 8
________ OOOOO or 3 Merit dots each
________ OOOOO Equipment = 1/’cost’ dot
XP Money
Earned Reason Spent Earned Reason Spent
5 Club Description
1 Handling Police
1 ST-Claymore Whim
1 ST-Silver Fox Whim
Allies (Media) 1 2
2 Managing Several PCs
5 OC patience
3 Street Gang Plan
2 Masque Hospital Issue
1 Elder Manipulation
Dominate 1-2 15
2 Handled Tony Issue
2 SL Resolution
2 Theme song
1 Springing Fatima
___________________________________ ___________________________________
Total: 11 Total:

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Crole Hyde Empty Re: Crole Hyde

Post by mortannis on Sun Jul 05, 2009 4:04 am


The Invictus Technologists specialize in developing and cataloguing disciplines and devotions, as well as creating new ones. But given the Invictus disposition toward modern technology, or rather lack there of, the evolution of technology rarely aids this effort. However in recent nights, the efforts of one unorthodox Technologist yielded a breakthrough in response to a Ventrue’s request. Derived from knowledge of Vampiric transformation, such as the Protean and other lesser-known Bloodline Disciplines, one developed a method to mimic specific properties of animals.

Cocoon (•)
Cost: 1 Vitae
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Crafts + Metamorphosis

As part of the transformation, the Kindred must spent some time in what is effectively a genetic manipulation chamber, derived from the Kindred’s own hardened vitae. A sort of cocoon from which the Kindred may emerge physically altered. However at this level of the discipline, the cocoon serves merely as a shell. It can offer shelter from sunlight, as well as protection from attacks by way of an effective armor rating of +3. The disadvantage of course is that not only is it a Masquerade breach if seen by Mundanes, but one can’t move when inside it except to get out.

To build the cocoon, the Kindred need only vitae and a roll to determine if he is smart and capable enough to construct a form that holds it's shape without any cracks. And this only has to be done once, however each subsequent use of the cocoon requires another blood point to ‘repair’ the damage done to it when exiting it. While one could say the Kindred may as well just build a new one, it is in fact more worthwhile to keep and repair an old one if made with a higher level of this discipline. And since they’re made specifically for and from the Kindred who uses it, anyone else who attempts to use it will instead only receive 1 point of lethal damage for every half-hour spent inside. Also note that if the cocoon takes too much damage, it can be rendered irreparable.

Chrysalis (••)
Cost: 1 Vitae, 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science + Metamorphosis

At this level, the cocoon becomes a true method of transformation. The Kindred builds it as previously described, however he also adds a blood point from whatever animal he wishes to mimic the properties of, and expends a Willpower to focus in on a specific element he wishes to adopt. Note that some creatures, such as bugs, don’t have enough blood for this to work. And adding multiple sources is irrelevant, as the Kindred must design the chrysalis to draw on one specific element of one specific blood donor. Since the Kindred body will “heal” away the chrysalis’s affects over time, he must sleep in it during the day in order to use this Discipline the following night, or preserve its affects from the previous night. If a different animal or element is desired, a new cocoon must be made. The number of successes necessary depends on how complex the alteration is. Failed rolls may be attempted again as an extended action, however the initial Willpower point is then wasted and another must be spent for each attempt.

Some examples for how this might be used are, if he builds the chrysalis with bird’s blood, he’ll find that he has wings the next night. If he built it of cat blood, he’ll find he has better reflexes. This can even be used to mimic the physical appearance of another person. However keep in mind that, subtle or not, the changes cannot be turned off until the Vampire sleeps through to the following night.

Multiple Aspects (•••)
Cost: 1 Vitae, 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science + Metamorphosis

This form of Metamorphosis allows more than one element from the donor to be transferred to the Kindred. For example, at level two, the addition of wings to one's back are an option. However they can only serve for a non-damaging fall because the human body is too heavy for true flight to be an option, without wings that are just too big to be practical. However, by mimicking the traits of both the wings of a bird, and its hollow bone structure, gliding for even a matter of hours much like a hawk becomes an option. For true flight, see Multiple Donors. (True flight is an option at this level as well, but only if done in a physiologically correct manor, such as the structure of a bat, as opposed to a gargoyle-like addition of two entirely new limbs.)

Chimera (••••)
Cost: 1 Vitae, 1 Willpower per donor
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science + Metamorphosis

Multiple Donors takes Multiple Aspects one-step further. By performing an extended action, infusing the chrysalis with other blood sources at the expense of 1 Willpower and roll for each, the Kindred then has the option of waking up the next night with donor aspects a-la-carte. So to the above example of gliding wings and light bones, one may also add the muscle structure of a bat to make them truly functional without sacrificing full use of ones arms.

Transformation (•••••)
Cost: -
Dice Pool: -

With a mastery of Metamorphosis comes enough uncanny familiarity with one’s form to actually control it at will. While sleeping in the chrysalis is still necessary, and the alterations cannot be any more or less than those that it was designed for, the Kindred now has the option to turn them on and off at will for the duration of the night. Although it is a somewhat rapid change, recovery is not. The experience is extremely painful, and can be described as a feeling of severe arthritis in every joint at the same time, accompanied by a light burning sensation all throughout. Though this may be in varying degrees, depending on the complexity of the changes. A Willpower point may be spent to shrug off this drawback. However without a Willpower point, gaining one’s bearings again leaves the Kindred defenseless for the duration of that turn.
Also, depending on the degree of change, the ST may rule that the act of Transformation can add a bonus to Intimidation rolls. (Still going on the previously mentioned example, a normal looking man suddenly sprouting a set of six-foot wings like a Gargoyle or dark angel could be pretty frightening.)

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