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Post by Ac1ds0ld13r on Mon Mar 02, 2009 6:45 am

Eve couldn't believe what was happening. She glanced in the side mirror of her Corvette and and seen the neon green NSX swooping in on her, the rain activating its temperature sensitive paint, turning it black. It looked almost like a feral dog, salivating venom as it closed in on her. She hadn't seen the driver, but she knew exactly who it was. Chris. Nobody in California, probably the world, had a car like that. He hit his high beams, blinding her from behind. Eve grit her teeth and barreled the car over a hill, catching a little air and landing. She fought the wheel and kept the Vette straight. In the distance she could see the rise of the docks. She knew she was being funneled that way, and there was nothing she could do about it.
Chris wasn't alone out there, coming for her. Even though he had felt her bullets, and nearly died. His constant comrade in arms was out there somewhere too. Ken, and his Skyline, would be coming for her. Already he had managed to out maneuver her and force her to not take any detours. The headlights behind her flickered, and she heard the scream of the Skyline as it passed her easily. Eve floored the Corvette and the engine roared as it tried to catch up to the Skyline. She knew it was futile. She half expected the Skyline to do donuts before coming to a stop in front of her allowing either Ken or the passenger to unleash with some automatic weapon on her car. Instead, as they rocketed past the last exit before the dockyards, it screamed off the ramp and disappeared.
Since the highway came to an end Eve had no choice but to follow, and veered the car hard off the last ramp, hitting the hand break, down shifting, the Vette spun ninety degrees to the left before she punched it and grimace. The steering wheel threatened to rip itself loose from her hands as the tires screeched and the engine roared its protest at heading in the new direction. Eve managed to hold it steady, but the rear fish-tailed in the rain, and her tires began to hydroplane, forcing her to let off the gas completely to keep control. The heavy Vette slowed immediately and regained its footing.
The Brujah chanced another look in her rearview mirror in time to see Chris in his now mostly black NSX fly off the ramp, wide to the right, fishtailing. For a second she thought Chris had lost control of the car in the rain, and hoped to hear the sounds of a wreck behind her. Instead, the car spun 180 degrees, fishtailed slightly, and the engine screamed as its gears were shifted violently and it caught up to her; Fast.
"Fucking cocksucker!" Eve exclaimed as she witnessed the feat of driving ability behind her. She jerked the car to the right, and followed the road. Around her she was aware street lights had been shot out. She knew this area. Ken and Chris called it their "Killing Field." It was where they took vampires who had managed to irk them enough to want them dead. She growled, knowing what was coming...A fight to the death. Them, or her, and Ken and Chris very likely had the odds stacked in their favor. Still, Eve had no intention of going down without a fight.
The staccato sound of gunfire broke her reverie as the Vette lurched to the right. She caught, out of the corner of her eye, the flash of gunfire from an alley. Ken. She ducked down as best she could as her side windows exploded as the bullets hit, and felt a round pass through her jacket sleeve. Somehow, it didn't hit her as it passed through the door.
"What the fuck are they shooting?" She knew Ken was a bad shot. Which meant it was an automatic weapon, but they preferred Uzis over their size and large capacity. This on the other hand, was something big enough to pass through two car doors. Simple 9mm rounds wouldn't have done that. She fought the car to a stop. Both of the passenger side tires were flat. The Vette was useless. She took another glance in the mirror immediately had to avert her eyes. The NSX was creeping up on her, and Chris had his entirely too bright, xenon high beams on again. She climbed out of the car and called the blood, bolting into an open warehouse building.
Eve hid herself with the blood and waited, listening. She recalled another, similar time, when her now deceased sire had summoned her from Toronto to rejoin the Camarilla. She heard the NSX's high pitched engine come to a stop just outside and Ken and Chris talking to each other, but she couldn't quite make out what they were saying.
Something about... dawn? She couldn't be sure. They came into view, and she pounced. She clotheslined Ken, knocking the Toreador clean off his feet and sending him flying across the street where he landed hard against the wall of another building. Chris on the other hand used his Blood to put some distance between him and her, and let loose with his .45s.
Eve felt the rip of big, heavy bullets as one tore through her leg, shattering her tibia, another went through her chest and out her left side. A third went through her forearm, but it wasn't enough. She whirled on the Toreador and charged, but was met with more gunfire. She jumped, crashing through glass and thin metal grating, and landed on a catwalk above her. She called the blood to heal her wounds as her shattered tibia failed to support her weight and she fell. Ken and Chris, wisely, took a moment to regroup. This afforded Eve the few minutes she needed to get her leg passably straight before healing it. Her other wounds were superficial given that her organs no longer functioned, and she easily stopped the bleeding.
The Toreador slowly entered the building, scanning each other's blind spots. They reminded her of an amateur SWAT Team, but she knew they could fight with the best of them, and while Chris was the bigger threat with the guns, Ken was lethal too, especially since he now carried a shotgun. They were talking again... There it was again. They were talking about dawn. She knew it was too early in the night to be concerned with that. Surely they didn't intend for this cat and mouse game to go on for the next seven hours...
Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. Mostly because the room went black, and what only could have been bricks slammed into her, knocking her clear off the catwalk. They hadn't been saying "dawn." They had been saying "Han." As in Han Changhui.
Something ropey caught her before she hit the ground, and she was pummeled by hard blows to the chest and face. Her leg wrenched and she was yanked up by an arm. She struggled and strained as much as she could to get out of that grip. She pulled herself up to her bound ankle, fighting the ropes on her right arm and pried at whatever was holding her. She was buffeted and beaten back down before being dropped. Several times she was tossed, only to be caught by an arm, or leg, and once her torso by one of the ropey things grabbing her. They were cold, they were tentacles. She bit one, and another cut her viciously across the face as the one in her mouth disintegrated into nothingness.
When it was light again Eve found herself in the middle of the warehouse on her knees. Ken and Chris were off at forty-five degree angles calling her. There was a third person there too. Han. A flickering, and wavering shadow was retreating from his body. The lights grew brighter, tentacles around her retreated into the darkness, all of it seemed to be coming from Han. After a moment, there were only two tentacles, and they were not the black that she had been used to seeing from Lasombra. No. These were Han's signature tentacles. He called this particular dark mutation of his clan's legacy discipline, Liquid Swords. She had never seen them personally, but the wounds they inflicted were the kind vampire's couldn't heal easily, if at all, and the wounds always left horrific scars. Like Dizzy's claws, fire, and sunlight, Han had his own devastating ability to cause harm. Worse, he was stronger than her. Han was far older.
"What have you two done..." Eve groaned as she slowly pulled herself to her feet. "You know who that is right?"
"Uh...Dude, she's talking to us like we're dumb." Ken said.
Chris answered her, "No shit Eve! You fucking tried to kill me! We both told you: You were fucked!" His agitation was plain. "I know... I know... He's Sabbat, we're Anarchs blah blah blah. Fuck that shit. I've never claimed to be an Anarch. Have you Ken?"
"Not once." Ken replied with a slight chuckle.
"Eve, this is about payback. Han here was just nice enough to help us out bringing you down. I mean, fuck, obviously we couldn't do it in a physical fight. I'm not fuckin' stupid. So..." He chuckled a bit and fired a round at the ground at her feet. She glared up at him, her Beast rising up. "We found someone who could."
Eve growled, this time it was Ken who spoke, "Take what you got coming Eve. It could've been worse."
"Fuck. Both. Of you!" She roared and launched herself at Chris.
Han interceded and snatched her wrist out of the air, he moved, pivoted, and sent her careening into a pipe that dislocated her shoulder when she hit it. She hauled herself up and glowered at Han. Ken and Chris had left. Beating majorly hasty retreats, though she figured they were probably somewhere they could watch the fight. She'd look for them later. She willed her Beast down and tapped into the Blood one more time. Steam rose from her wet body as her hand started to glow. Han merely raised an eyebrow and dashed into her. His fist connecting with her sternum. She would've gone flying if he hadn't held onto her. That was his mistake. Her hands grabbed his arm and burned through his suit. She could feel his flesh sizzle and turn to dust. Han roared with pain, surprise and hate. She kept a tight grip on his arm with one hand and reached for his head with another. Han leaned out of it, being taller he had a longer reach than her, and she growled her intentions to kill him. Forcibly he yanked her, towards him...
Eve went with the momentum, thinking he was going to try to close the gap between them again, but had to twist her body to avoid a silvery, spiked tentacle as it swooped up to impale her down the length of her body. She tumbled on the ground and jumped up. Han was off to her left, his chest a mass of silver-ish tentacles. They weaved and bobbed through the air. Some where flattened, almost axe like. Others resembled swords, and still others resembled spears. Han had a veritable armory spinning off of him. He flashed a smile at her, but said nothing.
"I'm going to kill you once and for all." She challenged.
Han shook his head and sent six of the tentacles at her. She jumped, twisted, and dodged as they struck at her. She would grab one, and it would disintegrate almost immediately. Twice she was cut, bad. A slice across her stomach, and one across the inside of her arm, which rendered the limb useless. The tentacles were razor sharp where they took the shape of weapons.
Han's assaults came fast, keeping Eve easily on the defensive. She dodged, whirled, called the Blood to heal this, or to increase he strength, or to make herself faster. Her Beast was closer and closer to breaking out. She knew it would mean death if she let it go... It was angry, and hungry. Eve would Frenzy, and launch herself at Han, only to be decimated by the blender of tentacles in front of him.
With pain she realized what he was doing. Han was wearing her down. He likely wasn't going to kill her, and that feared her with a dread like she had never felt before. Worse, she could not, despite anything she did, get close enough to him to touch him. He was older, his Blood more potent, and he could call upon it for a long time before beginning to wane. Even now, with every tentacle she destroyed, two sprang up in its place.
She felt the Beast inside her quiet as she used what seemed like the last of her blood to try to get away from Han. To leave the Killing Field. To retreat, feed, sleep, and heal. She needed to get away.
She made one desperate leap for the rafters, only to be dragged down by tentacles. They held her fast. Her body was tired, and going limp as they slammed her into walls, posts, and beams. The pain and damage became too much... Eve felt her body slam hard onto the ground and everything went black. Not from Han's mastery of darkness, but from exhaustion. She let out a weak growl of protest before fading completely...

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