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Valor Prime is a small volcanic planet with a dense natural atmosphere breathable for humans. Valor Prime's surface is covered in thick vegetation, and has an overall population of 1,839,303. Laws are simple and effective. Valor Prime's leadership is made up of a council of 7, which meets every 10 days to discuss local matters. The government makes a point to avoid off planet politics, preferring to handle everything internally as a self-sustaining entity.

The main hub of life is the large city by the same name as the planet, Valor Prime, and is known as a rough and rowdy place founded by tribal hunters and space pirates. During the Unification War, Valor Prime was an Independent planet that used it's economic resources to produce equipment for the Independence army. The Alliance fought over Valor Prime's industrial resources but was viciously defeated in three decisive battles known as the Birmingham Skirmish.

After the war, Valor Prime continued to produce weapons and other military grade equipment, eventually becoming the headquarters of Flagstone Inc., a leading ammunition producer. Valor Prime is also the home base of the Blue Diamond Exchange Corp (BDE), a trade protection agency run by former Alliance general Ross Clapton.


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