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Post by Ac1ds0ld13r on Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:58 pm

Eve looked through the scope of her .308 rifle with the large scope at a tenement building exactly two hundred yards away. She had camouflaged herself with the Blood, and was waiting. The Brujah was in Toronto, waiting on her former Packmates to find the present she left for them. She had a grim look on her face, and had to steel her will against the call of the Vaulderie in her Blood. She knew her packmates would kill her. Even her closest friend in the pack, Dizzy was out for her. A huge part of Eve was hurt, and felt betrayed, but she did just kill a Bishop, and when the Archbishop sent down his call to have Eve brought to ground, Eve did the only thing she could do, she ran. An entire city of Cainites were looking for her, and the Brujah had no intention of going down quietly if she were going down. She had already killed two other vampires in her attempt to flee Toronto, and get to New York City, where her sire was waiting for her with open arms.
There was a small boom, and smoke poured from the second floor of the apartment building Eve had been watching. Her Packmates had found the present, a small bomb rigged up with a can of gas, a shotgun, and some string. A half second later a burning woman jumped out of the window and fell into the street. Eve knew it was Vic. Vic, who prided herself on her beauty, and being the first into the fight. Vic's Blood cried out in Eve, as the formerly beautiful Toreador began to turn to ash.
After a few minutes the others spilled out into the street. They were panicked, except for one. Ductus Rod. Rod was a Lasombra, and panic was not something he was given to. He strode out of the building, wading through the smoke coming from the front door and looked around. He knew Eve. He knew she would be close enough to see the action. Eve again had to physically steel herself to stop her from going to him. To be with him again, one more time, like it used to be... Instead she drew a bead on his head. If she was going to have any hope of escaping Toronto she had to take him down, and she had to do it now.
She pulled the trigger.
Rod's head exploded into a mist of blood and gore and the Lasombra crumpled, almost turning to ash immediately. Apparently he had been older than he pretended. The others dived for cover. Eve had to do a quick headcount to make sure everyone was still there. Vic and Rod, Jacob, Lexi, Paul, and Dizzy.... Eve scanned around.
Dizzy was no where to be seen, and of the ones left, Dizzy was the one Eve was worried about. Dizzy was a Gangrel, and a mean chick. She stood about Eve's height, a stubby five foot three, but weighed a good fifteen pounds more, all of it muscle. Eve was clearly the stronger of the two because of her being a Brujah, but Dizzy could take a hell of a hit. Eve had to find Dizzy, and she had to do it now....
Eve looked through the scope and scanned the block for Dizzy. She was growing agitated that she couldn't find the Gangrel. This was getting dangerous. The others were still under cover, but getting restless, and as Lexi and her big .44 came into view Eve let off a shot of opportunity, removing the Priestess's arm at the elbow. The Priestess roared, and Eve fired again, this time putting a round through the woman's left cheek, the exit hole took away half of her head. The Pack's Priestess was thrown back almost ten feet by the impact of the round and dropped, her corpse rotting quickly.
The Brujah took the rifle from her eye, and ripped the trigger assembly away from the gun, sending springs and pins flying. She had no intention of leaving a perfectly effective, and powerful, weapon in the hands of her pursuers. After all, they had enough at their disposal. She threw the rifle to the ground from where she was and stood up. Just long enough to give the pack a glimpse of her, she had more plans, but without Dizzy around Eve wasn't sure how that would affect them. The Brujah knew she had to tread carefully.
Turning, she ran across the rooftop and jumped the gap between the low building she was, and landed on the roof of another. She heard a metallic clatter as she landed, regained her footing, but didn't look back. If it was Dizzy behind her, the Brujah had to lure her away from the rest of the pack. She used the Blood to make her self faster, and launched herself, clear across two buildings, landing hard on the ground in an alley. Eve rolled and pounced, coming to her feet just between two dumpsters. She reached around her back, calling the Blood again to keep herself hidden, to grab the .45 she kept there.
It was gone.
The clatter on the roof.
She cursed to herself and instead pulled a large Bowie knife from her boot. She strained her hearing to listen for the sounds of pursuit, and could hear the Pack picking their way to her. They were moving slowly. They were being smart about it. All of them knew how fatal she could be if they weren't careful, but they knew their strength in numbers. Thats when Eve heard her, Dizzy
"Eeevvviieeeee. Where's my babygirl at?" Dizzy's voice was flavored with that slow southern drawl of hers, and the Blood rose up in Eve intensely. It took every bit of will Eve had to not reveal herself to her packmate. Her and Dizzy were close, so close. Close only in the way packmates in the Sabbat could be, and then some. Dizzy had been Eve's confidant, friend, and on again off again lover. The two had a lot of beautiful history between them.
Eve heard the gravel in the alley crack and pop as Dizzy got closer, she could hear the Gangrel sniffing the air. She was smelling for gunpowder, and Blood. Dizzy used to say every vampire, like every human, had their own scent, and that she could smell it. Nothing Eve had seen from Dizzy contradicted this. Eve tensed against the dumpster and brought the knife up into a ready position. Dizzy's tail, a souvenir from one too many rides on the Beast, came into view.
Eve twisted, reached out, grabbed the tail and pulled Dizzy back, as she lunged out from between the dumpsters, in a half launch. Her body twisted just right, and Eve pulled the Gangrel's back to her. The knife arced into the air, and slammed down on the Gangrel's clavicle, piercing flesh, but not the bone. Instead it slid between her ribcage and the collar. What should've been a viciously fatal wound to a mortal (having pierced the lung and probably the heart) just pissed Dizzy off.
The Gangrel reached over her shoulder and twisted, grabbing a handful of Eve's hair. The Brujah felt Dizzy's claws scratch deep into her scalp as she was lifted off the ground and tossed into the corner. She landed only a few feet away. Thankfully Dizzy wasn't the strongest Gangrel out there, but oh she was a wiry one. The knife was wrenched free of Eve's hands as she was hauled around Dizzy, leaving it lodged inside the Gangrel.
Eve looked up and got to her feet quickly. Dizzy smiled licked Eve's blood off of a claw. "Darlin', I was hopin' I'd get to you first." Dizzy's tail flicked irritatedly back and forth.
The Brujah looked at the knife, "That's going to slow you down." Dizzy merely shrugged and reached up to pull it out. That was what Eve was waiting for. Using the Blood, she launched herself at the Gangrel, slamming her hard and tumbling them both to the ground. If Eve had any chance at this, she had to keep Dizzy off her feet, and had to keep herself too close for Dizzy's claws to build any momentum. More importantly, she had to keep the Gangrel on the defensive. If Dizzy managed to turn the tide Eve would have to everything she could to either escape, or end it quickly.
She clawed, lashed out with fangs, and punched. Eve's legs were wrapped around Dizzy's torso, and she squeezed until she felt ribs break. Dizzy's claws sunk in to her sides and Eve let out an involuntary yowl of pain. The Brujah stopped her assault and moved with a strike intended to break Dizzy's arm at the elbow. Instead she struck pavement, nearly breaking her own hand in the process. She had no choice but to let go and with one final assault to buy a precious half second used the Blood to get herself back to her feet before Dizzy could react.
Dizzy responded quicker than Eve had anticipated and swung cleanly at Eve's face. Eve raised her forearms just in time to block the blow. The Gangrel was surprised when, instead of blood and flesh coming from the tattered sweater Eve had on, sparks flew. Eve gave a slight grin as the half inch thick steel bracers she put on protected her. "Clever." Dizzy drawled. Eve wasn't about to share compliments on strategy though, the Brujah kicked Dizzy hard in the stomach, pushing several nails she had pushed through her boots into Dizzy's stomach. She raked the boot back towards the ground in and took nice pieces of Dizzy's stomach with it. Dizzy wasn't phased aside from a roar of shock and pain.
The Gangrel launched herself at the Brujah, raking and stabbing with the glistening claws on her hands, and Eve was vaguely aware of shouting. The rest of the pack had found them. Eve knew she was in trouble. This had to end now. Dizzy caught her across the torso with a grazing and Eve felt the Beast rise up in her. She resisted it. Telling herself, it wasn't the time. If she lost herself to the Beast now, they would wear her out and she would die. Eve still intended on surviving this.
Eve took advantage of the lull in the action to gauge her adversaries, fanned out against her, cutting off her escape. Paul the Tzimisce, whose body was twisted into what he called his Zulo War form, making him a hulking tank of weaponry and thick plates, Dizzy in the middle, and Jacob, the newest member, a Brujah, like her, but he was too new and young to be of much use. Eve decided to save him for last. Right now, Dizzy was the biggest threat. So Eve used a little more of the Blood and dashed into Dizzy, her shoulder block would have sent the Gangrel reeling, but Eve grabbed her arm and yanked, hard. There was a pop as Dizzy's left arm dislocated from the shoulder. Eve took advantage of the now uselessness of the limb to pull herself up, jumped, and still holding the arm, planted her foot on Dizzy's shoulder, the other in the Gangrel's face. The two came down, but Eve was in control, and as they landed there was a deafening roar of pain, Eve stood on Dizzy's destroyed face, and held the now separated arm in her hand. She tossed it to Jacob, and immediately leaped into Paul, who caught her in a bear hug, threatening to crush her. Eve let him work before unleashing her Beast.
Eve frenzied in Paul's arms. Something the Tzimisce hadn't expected. The Brujah exploded into a whirling dirge of fists, blows and fangs. Eve's jaws found a home oh Paul's neck. She pulled vitae into her body hard, replenishing her stores of Blood in the process, and continued to strike at the Tzimisce. The Tzimisce fought and staggered trying to remove Eve from his face, but her legs had been wrapped around his waist, and she was crushing him now. The splintering of the protective plates echoed in the alley as they tumbled backwards, leaving Paul on his back.
Glancing out the corner of her eye she seen Jacob coming, he reached out, to grab her, and she seen the long, sharpened stake he had in his other hand. Eve let go of Paul's arms and grabbed Jacob, wrenching him off balance and pulling him towards her. She easily ripped the stake from his hand and sent him reeling backwards with a blow that had shattered his ribcage. He collapsed in the dumpster. Eve raised her hands to plunge the stake into Paul's chest but was instead ripped off by Dizzy. The Gangrel had only one arm, but was also lost to the Beast. Eve had one more trick up her sleeve, and dropped the stake. Her fists began to glow red, and steam rose from her body as Dizzy launched herself at the Brujah, Eve grabbed the only arm and trapped it under her arm. Her fingers leaving second degree burns on Dizzy's body. Dizzy freaked out. The rage turned to blind animal fear, and a Eve twisted, putting her back into Dizzy, and wrenched. The Gangrel's other arm broke in three places. Eve turned back and took Dizzy by the throat just in time to avoid distended fangs from sinking into her back. Dizzy yowled and roared with the pain as Eve's hands burned her throat, smoke rising from her neck.
Eve let lose a terrible laugh. Her fingers slid across Dizzy's face, leaving burns, and finally her thumb and fore finger pushed into Dizzy's eyes. The soft white orbs quickly boiled away and burned. Dizzy was flailing, almost seizure like trying to get away, but her arms weren't working; leaving her helpless beneath the Brujah's burning wrath. The other three fingers dug into Dizzy's cheek and she pushed as she ran.
Their bodies slammed into the wall of the alley hard enough for pieces of brick and dust to rain down on them. Eve pushed harder. Dizzy's screams turned into pained mewlings and pleas as her Beast gave up the fight. Eve pushed harder, and harder. The growing burns around her fingers were turning black and smoke poured off of them before finally catching fire. Dizzy wailed. The wail of a dying animal. Eve's beast recoiled from the sound, and Eve felt a piece of clinging humanity die. Trapped inside her own body as the Beast did what it had to do, Eve was helpless herself. Dizzy's head finally gave, and Eve felt her fist reach the sticky wet brain inside. Dizzy's head caught fire almost immediately as Paul grabbed Eve and threw her off of his packmate. His own roar was one of terror, and rage.
Eve turned on Paul. He died quickly. His thick plates were not enough to protect him from Eve's assaults, and his Blood cooled her as she drained him, consuming him completely, adding to her own strength. As the wail of sirens filled the air, Eve vanished into the night, once again calling on the Blood that had saved her tonight, and over the next two nights, Eve would leave a path of death through Toronto and Buffalo as the Sabbat hunted her down before she returned to New York City. Her Sire had called her, she had to go...

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