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Post by Ac1ds0ld13r on Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:24 am

Content Disclaimer:

All photos except those contained in the "Awesome Artwork" folder in the gallery are for descriptive purposes only. World Domination Games niether sells nor makes any profit off of said items. If you are the original copyright holder and wish the content removed please contact Ac1ds0ld13r via email and I will respond within 48 hours. Please include the name of the image you want removed and proof of ownership.

Edited Artwork is the property of Ac1ds0ld13r and may not be downloaded, reproduced or linked directly without my express permission, in writing. If you want to hotlink my artwork ask.

White Wolf published material is owned by Jedi in hard copy form and is offered only for temporary use in this game. You are eligible to use this material so long as you remain active in any World of Darkness game run by Jedi or Ac1ds0ld13r. If you are inactive for more than 30 days and / or leave the site permanently your priviliges to this material do not go with you and all previously downloaded content must be deleted. Hotlinking to this content is expressly forbidden as well as sharing login / password information with anyone via any media for any reason.

All images on this site, excluding all other galleries except the Awesome Artwork Album, have been edited with Photoshop Elements and with free brushes available HERE or HERE.

All other content on this not protected by any other copyright (to include published rules quotes, materials, etc...) are owned by Ac1ds0ld13r and Jedi_Master_007 respectively. For use information please contact us regarding what you would like to use outside of this site. Please note, our work is protected and documented in some cases going back almost 10 years. Anyone caught stealing any of our content will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Maturity Disclaimer:

Everything here is a game. Its meant to be fun. For us, that game ends when we leave the site. Do NOT dress up like a vampire and run around murdering your enemies in your imaginary War of Ages. Do NOT attempt to shoot your neighbor because he is a Reaver. If you're too stupid to realize this is a game, please, do us all a favor, move along.

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